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Caissa is Back!


Towards the end of 2020, we launched the Ch 1 of a unique chess/sci-fi manga, Age of Caissa, which you can read here. Since then, the same thing has been on everybody’s lips: Where is Caissa? What happened to Zed? When will we get more?

The time for waiting is over. Ever since the launch, the creative team has been working away on future installments, going back to the drawing board (literally) and implementing all your useful feedback. Even as Caissa remains frozen in time, our world of course went through a lot in the interim, and no doubt excellent subscribers such as yourself will forgive the delays and setbacks we faced…

Especially as Ch 2 is here — with a grungier, darker, revamped aesthetic — setting Zed’s adventure irreversibly into motion. By now a well-oiled (*cough*)  machine, the Caissa production is getting ever quicker, with subsequent chapters slated for every couple of months. 

Without further ado —

But that’s not all! There’s also:

— A dozen new Caissa short stories, with new ones dropping every fortnight

— An expanded World of Caissa, including all that lies beyond the aerodomes

— Voice-acted Caissa chapters and other multimedia adaptations

— Opportunities for patrons/subscribers to contribute to Caissa

— Many other exciting things planned for the future!

Tales from Caissa

Stories? What stories, you ask. I thought Caissa was a manga, you say. 

It is — but it’s so much more. To supplant the main manga storyline, expand the world, and give you regular new content between chapters, we are launching a regular series of short stories set in the past, present and future of the Caissa-verse. This will give our creative team a chance to show off all the backstories, far-left-field ideas, zany side-characters, and other smaller, more self-contained tales within the Caissa multiverse. Yes, multiverse — not limited to one time, place or genre, the Caissa stories span many worlds, epochs, and narratives, all united by one thing — chess, and robots. (Okay, that’s two things). 

So, for the hardcore sci-fi geeks out there, the Caissa short stories will be a regular illustrated (but more literary) installment where all rules are broken and anything is possible — alternate histories, alien worlds, space voyages — you name it and you’ll probably find it there. Keep an eye on the ‘Tales from Caissa’ page, and check out the newest stories below —

— New Stories —


Sergei and the Thought Engine (Pt. 1)

Part of Grandfather’s origin story as a young scientist and robotist in the Before-times


A Housebot and Her Friend

An unlikely friendship forms between two domestic appliances behind the human homeowner’s back

— Older Stories —

Zed and the Automaton

A young Zed, having never seen a robot, has a chance encounter with something unlike anything she’s ever come across

The Travelling Pawn

What do pawns do when not being watched? This tale is of a particularly truant pawn and the shenanigans it gets up to

— Coming up —


Sergei and the Thought Engine (Pt. 2)

Continuing from the events of Part 1, this installment continues the story of a pivotal moment in Grandfather’s past

To Err is Human

The rise and fall of a real-life Grandmaster — perhaps you might even know him — who isn’t quite as he seems...

Morphy and the Turk

Set in the 19th Century, a young Paul Morphy encounters another legend of the time: The Mechanical Turk, one of the first “automatons” in history

The Simulators

Yes, it’s true — it’s all a Simulation. This story explores what happens when two bored Simulators, being a little mischievous, decide to muck around a bit with their Simulation.

Still want more?

Well, there is also the trivia page at World of Caissa, for concept art and miscellaneous content about the world and characters. At the moment, it is being updated with fresh new Ch 2 material — keep an eye out here in the coming weeks for additional info, maps, quizzes, and more. Speaking of which,

Have you met the characters?

Do check out the MANGA menu for more content! All that remains now is to wish the excellent readers, viewers and subscribers —