Physical description: Tall, skinny and lanky and with an animated face, Grandfather is often just a jumble of limbs and expressions. Most striking is his larger than life, gravity-defying hair, and accompanied by the iconic French beard. He wears poly-goggles, and enjoys wearing his lab attire even at home, where he does his experimental work.

Characteristics: Hyper-intelligent, scientific polymath, unusual chess ability, empathogenic, wise, protective towards family, easily excitable, of questionable sanity and prone to erratic/irrational behaviour

Sergei-SAPIENS 16, first and foremost a first-rate Engineer, is also a physicist, mathematician, and cognitive scientist of unparalleled talents. Very protective of his immediate family, viz., the little one Zed and the sidekick Fritz, “Grandfather” (as he is affectionally called by Zed) is of extreme nurturing and protective instincts, and would likely give his life for those he loves and holds dear.

Grandfather was likely born sometime near the middle of the 1st Century B.B, in the human camps, where he would have been trained as an Engineer and have his scientific abilities nurtured. Little is known of his children, although no one can contest that he has raised the little Zed for the decades previous to this story as the best and most loving Grandfather ever. Living in the southern Aerodomes,
they have little contact with other humans, save for the occasional events with other Aerodome inhabitants, and for the longest of times, Grandfather, Zed and Fritz have lived harmoniously in their dome as a close-knit family unit.

As an Engineer, Grandfather is one of the most senior and well-respected among all human-types—by bots and fellow Engineers alike. He works within the high-security Machine Labs, with Omega-level clearance and in direct contact with top level Senatorbots (Mother’s inner circle of intellectuals, policy-makers and strategicians about whom very little is known). Grandfather has amassed a formidable reputation when it comes to botrepair and server maintenance, which is likely what secured for him and his family the enviable Aerodome pod that they inhabit. In particular, it is known that he was very instrumental in providing important wartime services to the bots during The First War (although the exact details of this are not known to anyone except other Omega-level members). It is rumoured that is held forever in favour by Mother Herself due to solving infamously unsolvable bot issues which enabled her to create her first Legion, the 0001 series of sentries and machine guardians. Grandfather vehemently denies this, and those who know him well know that he is no way a bot-friend, when it comes down to it.

When he is not busy tinkering with silicon microresistors and mending positron circuits, Grandfather works hard one of the many theories and inventions of his own (not all of them may be, ultimately, of sound nature). He takes a deep interest in chess, both on an academic and a personal level, and is often engaged in a game with his trusty sidekick Fritz during the downtime. He is of well above-average talents in this game, although, being a human, he still occasionally loses to the Alphabot Fritz.

Grandfather is also extremely interested in aspects of physics and mathematics, and is an inventor of great talent and idiosyncrasy in this regard—his greatest work appears to be the rescue, reinvention and continual modding/upkeep of Fritz himself, who has been elevated from other 3rd generation Alphabots of his kind with important upgrades such as his retractable arm, emoticon-display, and, most recently, speech panel. Grandfather has other, more theoretical interests too, which is why his study is often swamped in a mess of barely-organised and almost incoherent equations and formulae. 

Despite his hyper-intelligence, great empathy and infinite wisdom, it is generally agreed that Grandfather may be a few sandwiches short of a picnic.