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Dozens of illustrated stories from the Caissaverse spanning hard sci-fi, adventure, comedy, horror, alternate histories, and more, serially released over the coming months. They are all either part of the main storyline (prequel/sequel), extended universe or generally about chess and sci-fi.

Zed and the Automaton

Zed, living with her Grandfather, hasn’t met a single soul — or indeed, robot — in years

The Travelling Pawn

An absurd tale about a seemingly magical object

A Housebot and Her Friend

An unlikely friendship forms between two domestic appliances when the resident homeowner isn’t around...

Sergei and the Thought Engine (1)

Part 1 of an episode from Grandfather’s origin story, from back when he was a young scientist in the Before-times

Sergei and the Thought Engine (2)

Continuing from the events of Part 1, this installment continues the story of a pivotal moment in Grandfather’s youth​

To Err is Human

The rise and downfall of a real-life Grandmaster — perhaps you would even know him — who isn’t quite as he seems...​

The Simulators

Yes, it’s true — it’s all a Simulation. This story explores what happens when two bored Simulators, being a little mischievous, decide to muck around a bit with the Simulation.​

Morphy and The Turk

Set in the 19th Century, a young Paul Morphy encounters another legend of the time: The Mechanical Turk, one of the first “automatons” in history

…and many more!

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