Chaplin v Reshevsky

One of those apocryphal games, much like Fischer v Short (2000), Einstein v Oppenheimer (~1933) or even Napoleon Bonaparte v “The Turk” (~1806). With White pieces, legendary entertainer, actor, showman Charlie Chaplin, with Black, a pre-teen Samuel Reshevsky, the Polish prodigy. More details here. Chaplin, whose playing Reshevsky (allegedly) did not hold in high esteem, Read More

Tyger Tyger, burning bright

Tyger Tyger, burning bright About this exciting and relentless Game 4 of the Nepomniachtchi-Anand match in LoC, nothing can be said without first honouring (as with the Barnes head) the daring (Ne4) spirit of Nepomniachtchi despite needing just a draw. This is the kind of games that chess is all about: outrageous king walks, giving upRead More


In a move of astonishing self-confidence, Anish Giri and his legal team have petitioned to bend the rules around his upcoming first match with World Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen, to allow for increasingly outrageous handicaps.  “I don’t believe in time” Giri told our reporters. “Did Fischer arrive on time to play Spassky? Chess transcends space and time.”Read More

FIDE and Quantum Physics

FIDE and Quantum Physics Some senior FIDE administrators pictured here discussing business plans for the next fiscal year In an unexpected turn of events, FIDE have hired a team of top MIT quantum physicists and philosophers to settle the infamous 2020 Candidates scandal in an unexpected way: thought experiments and philosophical heavy machinery. The scandal,Read More

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