New Revolutionary vs Old Guard

New Revolutionary vs Old Guard Chess, as sport — was as exciting as it gets — it is the finals of the well-named “Legends of Chess” chess24 tournament, four games of Rapids have been inconclusive, and we are now in Blitz. Nepo, the challenger to the World Champion, has Black, and needs a win. BothRead More

Continuing legends!

Continuing legends! In most other games and sports, it is conceivable that one might “go easy” on a younger person – certainly a child – in order to make up for the age difference. Not so in chess. In chess, it is well known that it is the young that have the advantage – withRead More

Legends of Chess (2/2)

  Legends of Chess (2/2) Day 1 Kramnik and Nepomniachtchi tossed the ball back and forth, as did Leko and Ivanchuk. Nepomniachtchi, in the decisive Armageddon match, offered an early queen trade, managed to forge a winning position in the endgame with passed pawns along the a- and h-files, and eventually won the match.  Ivanchuk,Read More

Legends of Chess (1/2)

Legends of Chess (1/2) Need there be any hype apart from the mere participation of ten super-GMs – including some specifically picked for a talent and career that spans generations – in this tournament of legendary pairings?  Perhaps not, but the Gods have kindly blessed us with some more: the Round 1 pairing of legendary rivals MagnusRead More

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