The man, the myth, the legend. Our very own artist and illustrator.

Preferring to stay mostly in the shadows, this mysterious character spends his time between art, gaming, and is responsible for bringing the design and illustration of Ch. 1 into digital life. He likes to stay off-the-grid for the most part, and entirely coincidentally, has never been spotted in the same room as Batman.

When not working on his various meta-dimensional pursuits, Dr Genesis draws, writes, makes music, and sells trinkets.

The one and only, bringing his multidimensional creativity (you know him from his chess/music art pieces and his other graphic project, Monarchs of Time Warp) to all the post production on Ch. 1, adding his own flavour to the strange imagery of Caissa

Writing, concept and design along with the superb art team.

The man behind the writing and design/storyboarding, Dr X takes an interest in the sciences, the arts, and other matters. He is intrigued by the game of chess, and thinks that it can be useful as a thought experiment. Unfortunately, and much to his chagrin, he is still very bad at the game. Ho, ve!

The young and talented Vatroslav is responsible for the Ch 1 cover — colourful, spunky, and a great foil to the manga’s noir style.


  1. Cover Artist for Ch 2, Labba Art is a mangaka in his own right — check out his work here. With his wild imagination and clean lines, we are glad to involve him in the Caissa project — stay tuned for more Labba Art involvement in the future!


The man who needs no introduction, you all know him from his YouTube channel “agadmator”, where he provides regular and quality chess coverage, analysis, and entertainment. These are generally considered to be an essential component of a chess enthusiast’s healthy diet.
Of late, Toni has also branched out into podcasts, streaming, chess news, social causes, and others (such as producing this manga). Hopefully, with the means of this manga we can unite a global chess community and work on other projects like fundraisers, social network, and other creative projects (prequels? sequels? Anime!?)