Tyger Tyger, burning bright

About this exciting and relentless Game 4 of the Nepomniachtchi-Anand match in LoC, nothing can be said without first honouring (as with the Barnes head) the daring (Ne4) spirit of Nepomniachtchi despite needing just a draw. This is the kind of games that chess is all about: outrageous king walks, giving up the Queen, all sorts of Greek gifts, and dynamic advantage.

At one point, Black’s Queen looked rather boxed in – on a4 –

and at another, White’s Queen on h5. Black’s King ends up on g4 in the middlegame (and wins). Anand throws pieces at his opponent in true attacking style, first a rook (Kh6), then various Bishops, not used as snipers as they usually are but hurled as projectiles at the opponent’s King (Bxb4+! Bxg2+!) once to get out of a tight spot, once to deal the winning blow. 

Black actually has the advantage. Can you find the move?

Both players get prizes for spirit as well as success, as Nepo went on to win the match but Anand gets to justify his continuing ‘Legendary’ status. 

Agadmator Tactical Challenge: Find the Move (Solution)